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Biblical Affirmations

Today, I’m sharing what Biblical Affirmations are and how you can use them correctly.  I’m also sharing the four stages of thinking and how you can go from thinking “I can’t” to “I am.”

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Biblical affirmations are different than regular affirmations because they’re based on the truth of God’s Word.

Remember, you get good at what you practice.

So ask yourself: What thoughts have I been praticing?

Are they thoughts that you want to have?

Now ask yourself: What thoughts do I want to practice?

If you struggling with switching your thinking, then practice bridging thoughts. Choose thoughts that serve as a stair step to the thoughts you actually want to begin thinking.

These are thoughts that take you from what you’re believing now to what you want to believe.

Stages of Thinking

Bridge thoughts from I can’t to I am.

I can’t – Disbelief
I can – Hope
I will – Resolve
I am – Belief

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Biblical Affirmations vs. Most Affirmations | The Renewed Mind Podcast
Biblical Affirmations vs. Most Affirmations | The Renewed Mind Podcast

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