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by Ashley Varner

This episode is going to be one that changes your life. Honest. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Today I want to talk to you about negative emotions. We’re going to talk about if it’s even right for Christians to have negative emotions, how we usually handle them and the way God’s Word says to handle […]

If you’ve ever thought, “life is against me” then this episode is for you! Today, I want to share how we can avoid the victim mentality. We’re going to look at a story in the Bible of a person who could have easily fallen in the trap of victim thinking, and what they did instead. […]

Do you find yourself constantly overwhelmed with all the hats you wear and all the tasks on your to do list? Then this episode is for you! Today, I want to talk about overwhelm. We all experience it, but what I want to suggest to you is that overwhelm feeling can be changed, even if your […]

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? Are you reacting to your thoughts or creating them? See, we live in a world of deception. Everyday we’re being bombarded by lies from the enemy, the world, and our own thoughts.  Those thoughts begin to take root in our hearts and can lead us to sin. That’s why it’s […]

We can have peace no matter what circumstances are around us. Today, I’m sharing a time when Jesus’s disciples were scared and fearful, and how Jesus gave them peace. I hope it encourages your heart.

I get you, sister. You love the Lord and serve Him. You love what you do. Maybe you’re a mom, a ministry leader, a co-worker. Maybe you’re all three. You love serving, but sometimes you feel unappreciated by others. Can I tell you that you’re not alone? We all go through times when we feel […]

Ashley Varner 5 Verses for when you feel unappreciated

There’s story in the Bible when Jesus lifted His hands to calm the storm that the disciples were in. Right now, you’re going through a storm and you’re having a hard time trusting Jesus with it. Let’s go to God’s Word and see how He is still in the business of calming storms in our […]

Most young moms I know constantly felt like like they’re not good enough. I was the same way for a long time and I felt really isolated. So what should we do when we feel that way? Well, we need to start looking into God’s Word. We read about characters in the Bible and see […]

What to Do When You Feel Inadequate | AshleyVarner.com

Christmas is the best time of the year…except when it’s not. Christmas can quickly turn from a joyous time to a lonely time. A few years ago, I found myself in this place. I struggled with mild post pardum depression after my second son was born. I didn’t recognize it at first, because it didn’t […]

As a woman of God, you can overcome feelings of insecurity. Confidence is part of our right in Christ Jesus. We can be confident in who we are in Him. So why are so many Christian women struggling with insecurity? We’re struggling with low self esteem and it’s time to OVERCOME! Read on if you want […]

How You Can Overcome Feelings of Insecurity | God-Confidence | AshleyVarner.com

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