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How You Can Overcome Feelings of Insecurity | God-Confidence |

How You Can Overcome Feelings of Insecurity

As a woman of God, you can overcome feelings of insecurity.

Confidence is part of our right in Christ Jesus. We can be confident in who we are in Him.

So why are so many Christian women struggling with insecurity? We’re struggling with low self esteem and it’s time to OVERCOME! Read on if you want to discover how you can overcome feelings of insecurity.


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I’m going to share practical steps that you can take to start seeing a difference today. Why? Because I wonder in my heart of hearts what this world would be like if women who love the Lord, were confidently walking in the knowledge of who they are in Him.

How would your world change? If you could be confident in every area of your life, how would that change the way that you live? Would it change the way that you parent? Or maybe it would change the way that you talk to your spouse? It could even change the way that you treat your own body?

How would being confident and really being rid of feelings of insecurity change your entire life?

I believe that we could see such a movement of women, and it starts with knowing who we are in Christ.


Accept God’s Acceptance

The first step to this kind of confidence is to accept God’s acceptance. Imagine a woman who is sitting in a prison cell and she everyday she’s looking out the window and she looking outside.

She’s seeing the freedom that can be there. She seeing everything that could be and year after year she’s just sits in isolation.

She has stayed in this prison cell and then she turns and realizes that the door has been open the entire time.

How sad. How unfortunate for this woman that she lived in this prison for so long and the door was open.

It wasn’t even that she needed a key. It wasn’t that she needed to serve her time or that she deserved to be in there. The door was wide open. All she had to do is walk out.

When we struggle with insecurity, we’re in a prison of our own design. We are struggling with these feelings of not being good enough, these feelings of not feeling secure, and the truth is that we have already been accepted.

We already have someone who has overcome insecurity. Just like Jesus overcame death and the grave. He overcame your feelings of insecurity and low self worth. He has overcome all of it and so the first step is to accept what He’s already offered.

God thinks so much of you. Your value and worth so high in His mind.

In fact, your worth was the reason He gave His Son for you. That’s how much He cares about You.

See, we ask The Lord into our lives, we ask Him to be our Savior, and then sometimes we forget everything that’s part of that being His child and being accepted by Him.

Once we start to recognize that we are His daughter and accept that truth, it changes everything. Knowing He has already accepted you changes everything.

For years I struggled with being good enough for God.

You know what I mean: serving enough, giving enough, being enough, and I realized that had nothing to do with His acceptance of me. Those are things I do out of love for Him, but it wasn’t something that He required of me before He accepted me.

How to overcome feelings of insecurity |

Renew Your Mind

That’s where we need to start: changing our mindset to accept what he’s already given to us. Now, after we’ve done that, we have to keep living in that mindset. So how do we do that?

We do that by renewing our mind. We must understand that we’re living in a world that is contrary to the Word of God.

The way that the world works, the way that the world thinks, the way that the world wants you to think is contrary to God’s Word.

So we have to be consistently renewing our minds with His Word.

How do you do that?

You read your Bible. You being memorizing it and meditating on it.

Hearing sermons and preaching from people who have been through what you’ve been through, your pastor, maybe people on television or the radio. You can really experience God’s truth through their messages.

Spend time in prayer. Worship with Christian music.

These are things that renew your mind.

These are things that change your focus to be on Christ. Renewing your mean means changing your thinking from the lies that come from the world and replace that with God’s truth and that’s the third step.

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Combat the World’s Lies with God’s Truth

Now it’s time to combat the world’s lies with God’s truth.

You can’t fight the world’s lies with God’s truth if you don’t know what the truth is.

The enemy makes it easy to get confused about what the truth is. The world’s truth says that we can’t be confident unless we have our life lined up. Unless we have this much money in our bank account, unless we have a checklist of things done. But God’s Word says that you’re worth it already.

He says that whenever you’re feeling insecure that He is your rock and your fortress.

When you’re not sure which way to go, Psalm 31 says “He will guide you and lead you.” So we can combat the world’s lies with His truth.

How to overcome feelings of insecurity |

Once we have God’s truth, the same tool that helped you renew your mind also helps you to fight against the lies that are going to come at you every day.

And it will be every day because we are in this world. We’re not of it, but we’re in it and we’re are going to see so much hate coming towards us from the enemy.

Hate about our bodies.

Guilt about the way that we parent.

Shame that the enemy brings against us that is unfounded.

BUT as the daughter of the King, you have rights. You have abilities and strengths that the enemy has no control over. As God’s child, you can choose to not listen to the world.

You can refuse to hear those lies and start filling your mind with the truth of God’s Word and with the truth of who He says you are.


Say no to comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy. And comparison really has no place in the believer’s life.

I am all for learning how to better yourself and wanting to be better and wanting to strive for more.

I’m definitely somebody who loves to set goals and move forward. I love to better myself with personal development books and podcasts.

That’s important, but in your quest to better yourself, you must make sure to compare yourself with no one.

You are unique. The place that you’re at in at this time in your life is unique, the situations that you find yourself in, the talents that you have, there’s no one who can compare to that.

How to overcome feelings of insecurity |

Comparison is something that I’ve really struggled with in my life. I would compare things like size, money, talents.

I would have a great day if I compared myself with someone who I thought maybe wasn’t as good as I was. But in the next moment, I could turn around and see someone who was much better than I was and it would ruin my entire day.

Nothing will feed your feelings of insecurity like comparison.

We have to come to the place where we say “it’s okay for me to be different than someone else.”

It’s okay for someone else to be beautiful, that doesn’t take away from the beauty that God sees in you.

It’s okay for someone to be talented, that doesn’t take away from your talent.

Insecurity is already something that the enemy hits Christian women with a lot. And we make it worst when we feed into it with comparison. The enemy fans the flames of insecurity with comparison so we isolate ourselves.

Instead of going to the women that could help us, the women who could stand beside us, we stay isolated.

Instead of joining (or creating) a community that is giving and compassionate, we compare ourselves to each other and then we isolate ourselves even more comparison.

If you can let go of comparison, then you are going to start to overcome your feelings of insecurity like you’ve never seen.

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How to overcome feelings of insecurity |

Don’t go at it alone

Sometimes get into a mindset that you think you have to do this on your own. When I say that you have to let go of comparison you may think, “Ashley, there’s no way that I can do that. I don’t know even where to start.”

You’re not on your own. God is with you. God has given you strength and all you have to do is ask Him.

He’s your Heavenly Father. He wants to give you good gifts and if you tell Him the desire of your heart is to stop comparing yourself with other women, He is going to help you through that.

You don’t have to do this by yourself. When you’re a child of God, you don’t have to try and be the best or do the best, or overcome all these things by yourself.

Why? Because you have the strength of God in you.

You have the Holy Spirit as your advocate so you can overcome feelings of insecurity.

Remember that overcoming these feelings isn’t something that happens once and then you’re done.

I wish it was.

I wish that you could overcome feelings of insecurity and then not have to deal with it anymore. Overcome it, and then it would be done. But the enemy doesn’t want you to be secure.

He wants you to live a life of insecurity, never feeling like you measure up.

Why? Because he thinks that if you stay insecure, then you’ll never take steps into living the life that God truly wants you to live, impacting the people that God wants you to reach.


Look Outward

It’s time to look beyond us, to look beyond what we think about ourselves and start looking at the people that God has placed in our lives that He wants us to minister to.

When we start to look at Jesus, when we start to seek first His presence and His kingdom, then these feelings of insecurity start to go away.

If you google “how to overcome insecurity,” you’re going to find a lot of ideas and advice from the world that says to take a self assessment, to get in touch with your inner self, to pay attention to yourself, and practice self-care.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for that. But when it comes down to it, we have to hear God’s word.

And His Word says, “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me.”

Before we can take up our cross and follow Him, we have to deny ourselves.

Here’s some tough love: ultimately our feelings of insecurity are rooted in pride.

They’re rooted in wanting to be the best or wanting to find security in places that we never should look for it. There’s only one place that we should find our security and that’s in Christ.

And once we step into that it will change our lives.

When you start to believe God’s word, you start to find your security in Him alone. It starts to change the way that you do everything. When you base your security on the Lord, it changes the way that you talk to people. It changes the way that you think about yourself. What could this world be like if we rise up as women and decide to walk in the confidence that He alone can give?

That’s how you overcome feelings of insecurity.

By going to Him, focusing on Him, renewing your mind with His truth, and taking up your cross to follow Him.

If this is something that spoke to your heart and you know that one blog post isn’t going to be enough for you. Then I want you to know I’ve created a 21 day devotional that’s all about Walking in Confidence.

This Bible Study isn’t going to be like the self help books that tell you to pay attention to your inner heart and things like that. What this is a day by day guide. Each day focuses on a verse, you’ll receive access to a printable workbook.

You can get instant access and listen to each day’s lesson, and learn how to apply verses to your life that you haven’t looked at before.

God will bring things to light for you. Things about yourself that help you see where you weren’t living the truth of who God says you are.

You were knowing God’s truth, but you weren’t really living it.

We start the first week with digging deeper into the truth that you are accepted by God. The second week is knowing that you are secure, and you will find that your feelings of insecurity fall away in the beauty of who God is and how you can be secure in Him. Then the third week talks about how you can be significant.

See, when we walk in confidence that affects other people and you’ll become more significant in the Kingdom of God, whenever you walk in that confidence. I would love for you to pick up that resource!

I pray that you can start to experience today the confidence that can come from knowing who you are in Christ.