Overcoming Anxiety about the Future | Ashley Varner
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Overcoming Anxiety about the Future

Anxiety, we all struggle with it from time to time.  This morning in my devotion time, I was reading out of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and the first line really jumped out at me.  It said, “Anxiety is a result of envisioning a future without Me.”


How many times do we get nervous or feel tons of anxiety about the future and once we look back we realize that whenever we envisioned that future, it was always without the Lord’s presence there.

So many times we can get anxious and we can get really anxious about the future.  I know I have told my husband and in my own prayer time, I’ve told the Lord that I’m concerned.  I’ve said, “Lord, what does the future hold for this nation?”

Every time I go to Him with concerns about the future, I remember that He’s already there.  Anytime that you anxiety welling within you or experience a fear, remember God has already seen the future.  God already knows that going to happen in the future.  And not even just the future of this nation, but in your own life.  In your own goals.

I know that sometimes you can look at maybe a fitness goal and say, “You know, I have to lose 50 pounds and there doesn’t seem like there’s just any way that my future is ever going to consist of me being healthy and meeting the goal, but remember, He’s already there and remember that anytime you are working towards a goal, that whenever you are brining the Lord into your life, into your health, He’s going make all of your efforts be expounded and going to be able to see results that you want to see.

Think of your family.  If you’re like me, you have goals for your children.  You want to see them serving the Lord, you want to see your business prosper and grow and sometimes, it seems like all those goals are so far out there and it’s easy to get anxious about it.  But remember that concentrating on that can cause you to feel anxiety about the future.  Just take a step back and imagine that future knowing that God’s already there.

Imagine that future knowing that He’s still in control.  So no matter who wins in this election coming up or any election EVER, God still reigns over any president that will ever be, any kingdom that will ever be, He’s still King over all of it and in your own life.  No matter what your struggles are, no matter what fears you may have about the future, He’s already there.


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