Peace of Mind: How to Have Peace in the Midst of Fear | Ashley Varner
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How to Have Peace of Mind Right Now: Practical Ways you have have peace in the middle of fear |

Peace of Mind: How to Have Peace in the Midst of Fear

We all want it. Peace of mind.

But how can we have peace of mind in a world that is filled with fear?

I’m talking about the kind of fear that grips your heart and won’t let go. You know what I’m talking about, it stops you in your tracks almost to the point where you can’t move forward, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, because you’re so tied down by this fear.

Today, I’m going to share of an experience I had with this kind of fear and how I found peace of mind even when the situation got worse.

God’s Word promises us a peace that passes understanding. So keep reading if you want practical tools that you can use to start to experience peace in your life today.


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Having Peace of Mind in the Midst of Fear: David’s Story

One of the best examples of living out your purpose in the midst of fear is the story of David and Goliath.

David was a small boy at the time of this story, he heads to the battle field and sees a giant defying the armies of Israel. He goes to different people to find out the truth of the situation. He has a mission.

You see, these armies have been fighting back and forth for weeks and weeks, and when David shows up, he hears this giant mocking God. Instantly, he has a purpose. He knows that there’s no way he is going to allow someone to mock the King of all Jings.

So he goes to different places. He goes to his brothers, who just make fun of him. Then he goes to the king, and the king tries to outfit him with all this different kind of armor to keep him safe.

Saul (the king) was acting out of fear, he fitted David with armor because he was afraid that this kid was going to hurt himself trying to defend the kingdom, even while Saul is sitting in his tent, scared to death.


How to Have Peace of Mind | Having Peace when you're afraid |


Not peace as the world gives

David says no to all this extra armor, and he picks up his stones.

We all know the story.

But there’s something that he says whenever he is running up to Goliath that really stuck out in my heart. It’s something I try to remember, especially whenever I struggle with fear and desperately need peace of mind.

David says, “By the power of the living God.”

Having peace always involves Someone greater than us. (And by Someone, I mean The Lord.)

That’s how David killed Goliath. Not because of the special stone that he picked out, but because he went against this giant having Someone who was greater than him involved.

So the way that we can start having peace, true peace, in our hearts, is when we know we’re acting on behalf of Someone who is greater than us. And whenever we know that we have Someone greater than us who’s leading us.

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Peace of Mind in Real Life

So you may be thinking, “Ashley, that’s all find and dandy for David, but how does that relate to my life?”

Here’s a #IRL example of having peace of mind in the midst of fear. And it comes from my personal life.

Recently, my family went to visit my brother. My dad and my brother took my two boys to a playground. And my boys were happily playing together.

Until my oldest, Lincoln, decided to go across a swinging bridge that was part of the playground.

Now, a lot of people think that my boys are twins because their size is almost exactly the same. But their age difference shows up a lot whenever it comes to certain things like heights, especially during this time in my boys’ childhood. And my younger son, Emmett, was afraid of heights.

So afraid that he would not cross the bridge.

My dad was doing everything that he could to convince Emmett that it was safe to go across. My dad:

  • had Lincoln run across the bridge to prove it was safe
  • told Emmett that it was safe
  • tried to reason with Emmet by saying “Look, trust me, I’m your grandpa, I know what’s going on, it’s safe.”
  • even got up and ran across the bridge himself (that’s a grandpa for you!)

But my son still wouldn’t go across. He would not go across this bridge for anything.

So finally, my dad sent my brother up to the swinging bridge, and my brother picked up Emmett and he walked across the bridge holding Emmett in his arms. After that, Emmett started running across the bridge, zero fear, happy as could be. It was such a stark contrast to just a few moments before, when he was shaking almost to the point of crying.


What God Did So We Could Have Peace of Mind

My family and I were talking about this, and I thought, what a beautiful example of what God does for us.

We’re scared sometimes by the difficulties that come our way. We’re almost paralyzed by this fear and because of that it’s hard to move forward in the purpose that God has for us. There’s zero peace in our minds, there’s zero chance of having the peace of mind that passes understanding. Peace is nowhere to be found because we’re so scared.

I know you’re picking up what I’m putting down. You’ve been there. When it gets to the point that you can’t to live out the purpose that God has given you. You’ve seen other people cross this bridge. You remember how God Himself has overcome the bridge. But you’re still held in fear.

God wants you to overcome that fear so strongly that He sent His Son.

My dad could tell Emmett that the bridge was safe until he was blue in the face. But it wasn’t until my dad sent my brother, who was his son, up to the bridge to carry Emmett across, that Emmett started to have peace and actually moved forward.

Ladies, that’s what God does for us every day. Yes, He sent his son, who came alongside us, and He died on the cross for our sins, but it wasn’t just about that.

It was about him, Jesus, God’s Son, coming alongside us every single day, picking us up and carrying us across the bridges of our lives. The bridges that we feel too captivated by fear to cross. And we don’t have to rely on our own strength, because we’ve just been carried by Someone who’s greater than us. And whenever we trust Him, our fear can dissolve.


There Goes My Life

So I want you to think about what that looks like in real life, because it’s easy to say, “Ashley, it’s great and all and that’s a pretty story, and yeah, I know that Jesus is with me and I know that he carries me, but I don’t know how that translates in my life, in my circumstance, in my struggle.”

And so I want to share with you something that happened to me awhile back. And to be honest, fear is not something that has been huge in my life.

I definitely have my own struggles, don’t get me wrong.

But fear was not really something that just gripped my heart like crazy all the time.

That is until a few years ago. My husband had to take a business trip, and our boys were getting old enough that they wanted to go with dad, and it was just a quick overnight trip.

So I got them all packed up, they gave me kisses, they climbed into our semi truck, and they headed down the driveway of our business. As I was watching them drive down this driveway, getting ready to go on this little trip, all of a sudden, fear gripped my heart. And it came fast, and it came hard.

My heart still hurts sometimes whenever I think about it. As I’m watching them go down the driveway, a song came to my mind. And you may have heard it, it’s an older song by Kenny Chesney. It’s actually a country song. And the lyrics say, “there goes my life, there goes my future, my everything.”

Somehow, this song that I hadn’t heard in years came back to me. The enemy gripped my heart with fear that something would happen to that semi truck and that I would lose my whole life. My entire life was in that semi truck.

Trembling, I went back to my office and shut the door.

And I went to Google.


Going to the source of Peace

I know that seems crazy, but I googled verses about fear. I literally typed that in there. Verses about fear.

It’s okay to Google verses about fear if you need to. It’s okay to Google verses about whatever you’re struggling with. Girl, do what you need to do to get God’s Word in your mind.

Anyway…I have Bible Gateway as a bookmark on my computer, and whenever I googled “verses about fear,” that website was the first one to come up.

The verse that popped up was, Psalm 56:10-111. And that verse says, “In God whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise. In God I trust, and I am not afraid.”

Having Peace of Mind in the Midst of Fear |

I just started saying that verse over and over and over.

Our employees probably thought I had gone crazy, because I shut the door to my office, and here I am, Googling something, and then I’m sitting on the floor, almost in the fetal position, just looking like I’m talking to myself.

But let me tell you what I was doing.

I was getting the truth of God into my heart and into my mind. And at that time I knew that peace of mind was not something that I could have on my own.  The only thing that was going to work was relying on Someone who was greater than me. And getting HIS words into MY mind.

That whole evening, I was home alone, I could think of nothing else except this fear that was in my heart. And so every time the enemy gripped me with fear, I started saying that verse out loud. I had memorized it just from saying it over and over and over, and I spoke it out.

I was the only one home, who’s going to talk back? The dog? No. I just kept saying that verse, over and over and over. And surprisingly, I slept pretty well.

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Where You are every fear is broken

The next morning, as I was getting ready for the day, another song came into my mind. And it was the worship song, Closer. And the lyrics starts with, “There’s no life without You. You have all that we need. Where You are, every fear is broken. And the darkness must flee.”

I felt the Lord say to my heart, “Ashley, I AM your life. Trust Me, I have everything you need. I will protect your family, but you need to know that they’re not your life. I’m your life.”

How can you have peace of mind when you're afraid? The Bible tells us! |

And then I just felt His arms wrap around me, encouraging me for going to Him for breaking my fear. And after all that, for the rest of that trip, fear lost its grip on me. Even when their trip, they ran into a little bit of trouble and they had to stay an extra night. I knew that where God is, every fear is broken.

You see peace of mind isn’t just about being brave in those big moments. Because we may never have a huge David and Goliath moment.

But we have moments every day when we choose to trust instead of worry. Whenever we choose the truth over the lies. And whenever we choose to keep our mind focused on who God is.

That’s the real trick to having peace of mind. It’s about being brave in those little moments. Whenever we’re faithful to go to Him in those small moments, then the big moments take care of themselves. If you really, truly want to have peace of mind, that what you need to do.

Because isn’t that how we all are as moms? We want to have peace of mind, it seems like fear is everywhere and anxiety is everywhere. If we really want to have peace of mind, it starts with Someone who’s greater than you. And that’s The Lord.


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