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5 Morning Habits to Start Your Day God's Way | AshleyVarner.com

5 Morning Habits to Start Your Day God’s Way

A lot of us have looked through Pinterest posts that detail different routines and ways to help you set up your day to be more productive. When I did this, I realized I didn’t just want to have a productive day. I also didn’t just want to have a peaceful day. 

I wanted to start my day with simple habits that I could develop in myself to live the life God wanted me to have.

Because I couldn’t find anything that fit my desires, I started winging it. As I went along, I took note of the things that worked well for me and did away with the things that didn’t. Now, I want to share them with you.

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I promise that you will find, as you implement these into your own life, that starting your day by investing your time in God, WILL give you more time for other things. It sounds crazy, and I don’t know how exactly it works… But it does!

So let’s dive into this list. I’ll be upfront, they’re not huge habits, but they’re simple enough that you can start implementing them tomorrow morning.

If you’re reading this in the morning, go ahead and start it today!

Morning Habit #1: Stretch While You Meditate on God’s Word

My first morning habit is stretching. It’s not spiritual in nature, but as I get my body moving, I typically meditate on a particular verse that I have memorized for the week.

*Note* Meditation gets a bad rap from Christians who believe it to be exclusive to other religions, but God’s word says to meditate on His words.

Morning Habit #2: Get Dressed

Getting dressed is another thing that doesn’t seem very spiritual, but when you get dressed, you’re telling yourself that you’re ready to start the day and fulfill the purpose God has for you. 

The first time I experienced the importance of getting dressed was when I was staying home with my boys. Normally, we have places to be, so dressing is a usual part of the routine.

For moms that stay at home, women that work from home, or teachers that are off during the summer, getting yourself out of your pajamas can feel like a real struggle.

Many of us stay in our pajamas until the afternoon, and that can make it difficult to remember that we have a purpose– something we need to do every day. If you are home with your kids, you may be worried you don’t have a purpose, but rest assured, you definitely do! You are raising the next generation of world-changers, so you need to get up with a purpose. 

Getting dressed has an effect on our minds, even when we don’t realize it. Something about getting dressed mentally prepares you and helps you to be more productive.

I have found if I don’t get dressed pretty early in the day, I end up having idle hands (just like the ones frequently mentioned in Proverbs.) On days like that, I end up watching television or meandering around, not really getting anything done. 

But if I get up and follow my morning routine (stretching while meditating and getting dressed), then I’m ready for the day. 

Morning Habit #3: Spend Time with The Lord

After getting dressed, I go into a quiet room and do my daily Bible reading. For those of you wanting to start this habit, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be an hour-long session.

In fact, it is better to start small and stay consistent. 

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To help you get started, I’d like to share some information about a free digital Bible reading plan I created. The app is easy to download and login to, and it will tell you what chapters to read. It’s a year-long plan, so if you stick with it, you’ll have read the entire Bible by this time next year!

This may seem overwhelming, but it ends up being about three chapters a day. Depending on how fast you read, it usually takes somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes

When I read, I use my iPad so I can highlight sections and put notes, and it scrolls up for me so I don’t have to keep swiping up.

If you struggle with forming habits, there is an app you can download called Streaks. It allows you to add habits that you’d like to track, and once you have completed the task, it counts it for you. It tells you what days you have done the task and what days you haven’t. 

I never want to start a day without God’s Word, so including Bible reading into my morning routine is essential to starting my day properly. Because of this, my Bible reading habit on Streaks is definitely the most consistent.

After all, I can’t be the wife, mom, business owner, or friend if I don’t have His Word in my life. 

Even if you only read one chapter a day, start small and be consistent. You will see the benefits of it, and the Lord will bless the rest of your day.  

Morning Habit #4: Journaling

I love having a digital life, which is why I have all my stuff on my phone, so I can carry it with me. Interestingly, journaling is one thing that I prefer to do with pen and paper. This may or may not be you, but even if you prefer doing it digitally, I want you to start journaling. 

There are a few things that I make sure to add when I am journaling: 

Write Down What You’re Thankful For

Write down some things that I’m thankful for to the Lord. I saw a quote once that said, “What if you woke up today with only the things you think God for yesterday?”


That just cuts me to the quick even thinking about it. That really stuck in my mind that I need to be grateful for everything.

It puts your mind in a different perspective when you realize that nothing you have is just because of your own doing. It’s all because of the Lord,

Whenever we thank Him for those gifts, it changes our day. It starts our day off His way with His mentality and His mindset.

Get Your Kids Involved

You may feel like there is no way you can do this with little ones running around, and if you do, I want to encourage you. I began doing this with my boys over the summer after God revealed to me, as we read His Word, that my boys needed to practice listening for His voice. 

I was reading the Bible with them probably about a month and a half ago and we were reading the story about Samuel.

Here’s this little boy, Samuel, in the temple and Eli, the priest, tells Samuel “the next time you hear Him say, ‘Speak Lord. Your servant is listening.'”

And I felt the Lord say, “Your kids aren’t going to know how to hear my voice if they don’t practice listening for it.”

Because of that revelation, we began breaking out our Bibles together. We all read, and then we get out our journals. At the top of the page, my boys write “Speak, Lord. I’m listening” and they put the date.

Some days, the Lord doesn’t say anything to them, but other times, I am surprised with what He puts into my children’s hearts. 

This happened recently when my son explained to me that he didn’t feel as if God was talking to him. He said, “All I can think about is my friend at school.” 

I told him that God might be wanting him to pray for his friend, so he did. A few days later, his friend revealed that his mom had moved, leaving her kids and her husband.

At the age of 5, my son realized that God had spoken to him, and this is something that even adults need.

Our time spent journaling helps us to look back over the notes we have made and see God’s resolutions to the things we have prayed about. Because of our journal, my son can look back on that day and remember how God spoke to his heart. 

Listen for His Voice

When I journal, I can remember what God told me, because I’m writing down prayers. I can write down requests and see a timeline of my relationship with the Lord.

So, don’t force it. Don’t kind of try and speed it up. Just be patient and say, “Speak Lord. I’m listening.”

Moms, you can start your day God’s way. You can help your kids start their day God’s way by journaling and listening for the Lord’s voice.

Morning Habit #5: Movement

After I have stretched, dressed, read my Bible, and completed my journaling, I exercise.

I won’t tell you how to exercise, other than telling you to figure out the exercise that works best for you and be consistent. Make sure to pay attention to how you feel because our exercise is about strengthening yourself for the tasks God has prepared for you. 

Sure, there are many physical benefits from exercising, but at the end of the day, it is all about preparing yourself for service in God’s Kingdom.  

Bonus Tip! This bonus tip isn’t something I do in the morning, but it is something that sets me up for success in the morning. It’s also a simple one: get enough sleep.

Our bodies need rest to function properly, and if you want to have a day that is focused on the Lord, you need the mental clarity that comes from getting a good night’s rest. Not to mention, lack of sleep also tends to make people cranky, and it’s difficult to live out your day in God’s way if you’re finding yourself irritated over everything.   

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We need those lengthy times of rest, like vacationing and things like that, but we need daily rest, too. If you want to have a day that is spent focused on the Lord, then you need enough sleep.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I don’t get sleep, I am so cranky. I am not living out my my day God’s way. If I fall asleep on the couch the night before, my husband hates even to wake me up because I am just so cranky!

So make sure that you’re getting enough sleep so that when you wake up in the morning, you’re refreshed, you’re ready to take on the day. You’re ready to live out God’s best for your life. Every single morning.

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5 Mornings Habits to Start Your Day God's Way | AshleyVarner.com 5 Mornings Habits to Start Your Day God's Way | AshleyVarner.com 5 Mornings Habits to Start Your Day God's Way | AshleyVarner.com 5 Mornings Habits to Start Your Day God's Way | AshleyVarner.com