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by Ashley Varner

Who are you? If you answered with wife, mom, business owner, teacher or something else that you do, then this episode is for you! Today we’re talking all about your identity. Resources Mentioned: Walking In Confidence Bible Study: Am Statements (Free):  Highlights from the Episode: Who are you? If you answered with wife, mom, business […]

When you base your confidence on yourself, you are sure to be disappointed at some point. Learn these tips to base your confidence on Someone who will NEVER waver – the Lord and His love for you.

You can go from insecure to confident right now. Without changing the amount of money in your bank account or the number on the scale.

Not everyone needs 100% access to you 100% of the time. Use these tips to create kind boundaries in your relationships so you can stop allowing others to control your time and energy.

Setting Boundaries in Your Relationships | Life Coaching for Christian Moms

Do you need more confidence?

True confidence comes from seeing yourself how God sees you. In this post, I’ll explain how you can become more confident in Christ. I’ll walk you through the myths that are destroying your confidence and show you how you can combat them with the knowledge of who you are in Christ.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost you confidence and embrace your true identity!

Today I want to talk about the habits that will help you become a confident woman. I’ll be briefly diving into each habit, but if you are struggling with confidence, make sure to get my 21 Bible study Walking in Confidence to start building your confidence with Christ. Did you know you can listen to […]

11 Habits of a Confident Woman | #christianwomeninbusiness #christianmom #confidence

I never thought I would say this, but I’m excited to share one of my struggles with you all. And it’s not just that I’m sharing a struggle, but I’m sharing how I have found God’s grace through it. When I was growing up, the general way of thinking was that you didn’t share struggles because […]

As a woman of God, you can overcome feelings of insecurity. Confidence is part of our right in Christ Jesus. We can be confident in who we are in Him. So why are so many Christian women struggling with insecurity? We’re struggling with low self esteem and it’s time to OVERCOME! Read on if you want […]

How You Can Overcome Feelings of Insecurity | God-Confidence |
What does the Bible say about low self-esteem? | How to be more confident |

What does the Bible say about with low self-esteem? As a Christian, have you ever struggled with low self-esteem? I know that I have. But confidence is part of my right and your right as a children of God. That’s the truth of the matter. So why do so many Christian women, children of the […]

The way you feel about your body effects the way you live your life, it shapes the way that you parent your kids, it influences the way you impact the world. I have seen a woman after woman struggle with their self esteem, struggle with having confidence, struggle with not feeling like they’re enough. 10 […]

10 Things to STOP Doing if you want to love the body God Gave you, #christianbodyimage #fearfullyandwonderfullymade

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